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the dances - a range of styles to suit your event

There are lots of different types of dances that are very popular at our ceilidhs, including • jigs • reels • slip jigs • polkas • waltzes
• hornpipes

You don't need any experience of these dances or any type of dancing. You'll get full instruction from our caller at a pace that suits you. Even if you've never danced before you can be up on the floor and enjoying the dance within 10 minutes. The dances don't require special athleticism or skills of any kind. They really are for everybody and anybody to join in.

The dances are in different formations - they can be longways sets or square sets, varieties of circle dances or couple dances. Historically there were men's and women's places in the sets but these days everyone dances with anyone.

There are a number of specialist dances and types of dance that we regularly make part of the performance, often by special request, including
Stripping the Willow
Dashing White Sergeant

You can always talk to us about specific dance requests. We're not saying we can do any dance from any tradition but we can deal with most requests!
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