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Meet the band

Roger the Badger is a blend of fiddle, guitar, mandolin and bass. All the musicians are very experienced at playing for dancing and know every turn and trick in how to get the dancefloor moving. Add in one of the UKs most distinctive and pithy dance callers and you've got a floor shaking dance combination.

John Fuller (guitar and flute) is a Newcastle expatriate now living in near Barnsley. Known by the rest of the band as 'Johnny Two Guitars' because of his insistence on having two on stage with him at all times. John's an accomplished flute player as well as a versatile and experienced guitarist.
Cath James (fiddle) has played fiddle since the age of six with groups in and around her native Hampshire. After becoming a student in Sheffield she joined the University Folk Society and has played with Roger the Badger from their very first appearance in 1990.

Cath was a finalist in the Radio 2's Young Tradition Award in 1995 and has played in Britain, Germany, France, Greece and Romania. Her playing is featured on the first Evolving Tradition CD compilation and on 2 CDs released by Irish Band Achill Sound in Germany.

She teaches folk fiddle playing in Sheffield, Rotherham and North Derbyshire and in her spare time - what's left of it - makes violins. It is her own custom made electric that she uses for Ceilidhs though for recording she uses a turn of the century German fiddle.
Peter Rophone (bass) took up the bass many years ago as a second instrument but soon got the bug and now owns five, plus a recently acquired Romanian double bass. The CD features a treasured 1970s Ibanez although he plays fretless bass regularly live 'but not that really naff muso fretless style' - he points out emphatically.

Always a believer in a bit of showmanship, he has fitted one of his instruments with a flashing red light that he can activate at key moments, and much to the amusement (or is that horror) of the rest of the band, has a long standing ambition to play a gig on stilts.
Trevor Thomas (mandolin) has a propulsive and energetic rhythm style that's quite unique. His long musical background takes in alternative rock styles as well as traditional playing. He's a veteran of legendary Sheffield folk/punk/ska band Blind Mole Rat and has toured various European countries with them.

Like Cath and Peter he's a regular at sessions in Sheffield , where he'll often take down his double bass and a pocket of harmonicas as welll as his archtop mandolin. He is also the only man in existence to own an electric flying V mandolin - which he made himself.
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